Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tal Newhart


Since 1998 my colleagues and I have helped clients overcome various business challenges. Historically these services have taken two forms: One, efficient marginalization of competitors by various means, including hiring away financial and operating leadership and; two, helping our clients ethically accelerate their growth via adoption of emerging technologies and markets. Today we have combined these two areas and are tightly focused on normative financial and operations executive recruitment including the evolving world of FinTech with its rapidly expanding, yet still arcane, world of blockchains, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, ICOs (SEC/FINRA compliant), etc. We were early adopters of these technologies, understand them, and have put them to effective use for ourselves and others.

If you have a time-sensitive recruitment challenge within the FinTech or related spheres feel free to contact us, in signed confidence, to discuss your needs.

Tal Newhart

To see just how passionate we are about winning read my book "The Art of Corporate Warfare: How to Change Your Approach and Kick Ass Every Day". Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and Cincinnatus knew a thing or two about large-scale winning. Now you will too.